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A professional services firm working at the nexus of the funder and grantee relationship, Rosov Consulting fosters partnerships based on shared visions of success. Along with our core values of Integrity, Problem Solving, and Teamwork, we utilize our range of life experiences and knowledge to best serve our clients.

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Case Studies

Gathering Information to Support Communal Change

Federation CJA, Montreal | 2019-2021

Assess the Jewish educational religious, cultural, and social service interests of the Montreal Jewish community...

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Bringing Data Into the Decision-Making Process

Rose Community Foundation | 2021–2022

Develop a plan for measuring and evaluating the outcomes of Rose Community Foundation’s investments in Jewish life in the Greater Denver area...

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Shaping the Future of Leadership Development

The Wexner Foundation | 2021

Conduct research to answer important questions that will inform the future of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program...

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Recent Articles

8 Questions with Michal Lewin-Epstein

In “8 Questions With…,” we share a brief Q&A with a staff member. In this edition, we hear from Michal Lewin-Epstein, who joined Rosov Consulting as a Senior Project Associate in 2022,…

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How Yeshivat Maharat is building a field of women Orthodox rabbis

In Short What lessons can we learn about the present and future of Orthodox female clergy from Maharat’s 14-year history? In its 14 years, Yeshivat Maharat has produced nearly 60 strong, passionate…

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The way we teach our kids about Israel is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

In Short For a growing number of young people in North America, Israel has become virtually untouchable: The fear of being “canceled” for failing to take the “right” line on Israel is…

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We value the partnership with our clients

Thank you for your excellent work, the sensitivity to the questions we are asking, and even-handed gleaning of data. This is a heavy lift for all of us and we also want to be sure we are developing talent truly prepared to exercise leadership for the Jewish community into this decade and beyond. I am confident that the Rosov Consulting team has provided us with the material we need to best design and redesign our leadership programs in order to be cutting edge—rather than stale, good enough, running on inertia, or playing catch up. You all are helping us model best practice.

Elka AbrahamsonPresident, The Wexner Foundation