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Special Needs and Inclusion in Jewish Education

A special issue of the Journal of Jewish Education is now available at Taylor & Francis Online. The Special Needs and Inclusion in Jewish Education issue was edited by Rosov Consulting Managing Director Alex Pomson, who just completed 14 years serving as the Journal’s Associate Editor. In the more than 80 years that the Journal of Jewish Education and its predecessor Jewish Education have been published, this is the first time that a special issue of the Journal has brought together articles specifically concerned with the phenomenon of special needs and inclusion in Jewish education. The four articles collected here help lay the foundations for research and practice in a field that has been gaining ever more attention and is surely[Read More…]

Israel Trip Program to Expand Offerings for American Jewish Youth

By Lidar Grave-Lazi The organization builds on the foundation of Birthright trips for university-aged students offering more in-depth and educational experiences for US youth. The organization builds on the foundation of Birthright trips for university-aged students offering more in-depth and educational experiences for US youth. Onward Israel, an organization that provides Jewish young adults with multi-week immersive experiences in Israel, recently received an $8 million grant to expand its programming from the Jim Joseph Foundation, a San Francisco-based organization that supports Jewish learning initiatives for young Jews. Established in 2012 by the Jewish Agency together with numerous partners from the Jewish world, Onward Israel aims to promote Jewish engagement among Jewish young adults. The organization builds on the foundation of[Read More…]

What We Saw and Heard at Prizmah 2017

The inaugural Prizmah Jewish Day School Conference brought together more than 1,000 day school educators and education leaders for three days of learning and sharing educational best practices. We were excited to play a role in this learning process and to contribute to Prizmah at such a formative moment in the organization’s trajectory (since summer 2016, Rosov Consulting has been working with Prizmah to help coach staff from different legacy organizations, as they refer to themselves, so they can learn to do their best work together). It was especially gratifying to see the number of organizations that support the day school field that are in turn supported by the efforts of the team at Rosov Consulting. At the conference, Pearl Mattenson, Director at[Read More…]

Rare Sense Of Optimism At Day School Conference

Newly formed Prizmah brings innovation and 1,000 educators to three-day meeting. By Gary Rosenblatt Chicago — Since 2008, when the U.S. economy tanked in the wake of the Madoff Ponzi scheme scandal, Jewish day school conferences have been a place for lay and professional leaders of the movement to kvetch about hard times. And for good reason. Their difficulty in trying to provide quality Jewish and secular education while keeping steep tuition costs in line was a persistent theme. Pessimism was in the air. The dilemma hasn’t gone away, but this week’s first national Jewish day school conference sponsored by the newly formed Prizmah (Hebrew for prism) has had a decidedly upbeat mood. There is an air of enthusiasm among[Read More…]

Honeymoon Israel: Building Ties That Bind

By Pearl Mattenson, Michael Wise & Avi Rubel   Since the Spring of 2014 we have been sharing our journey through the launch and ongoing progress of Honeymoon Israel (HMI). From the beginning, HMI partnered with Rosov Consulting to support, document and evaluate the program’s early impact on the couples who participate. In September 2016, the Rosov team delivered its first outcomes report documenting the outcomes for couples on twelve separate trips taking place between June 2015 and March 2016. Even as the Rosov team continues to assess the outcomes of our current trips, we have come together to share some of the findings that, we believe, have implications for others working to engage young couples and young families around their[Read More…]