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The Vast and the Varied: American Jews and Jewish Life Today

Editor’s Note: The following piece originally ran on the Jewish Federations of North America blog. Over the past 10 years, many Jewish organizations have integrated research and evaluation into their planning process. Many of these organizations have worked with Rosov Consulting on this endeavor. In our effort to continually explore our essential question, “Who are North American Jews today?” and “What are the institutions we need in the 21st century to make Jewish education happen?” we reached out to Wendy Rosov, Principal, Rosov Consulting, and asked her to share what she’s learned over the past 10 years working with Jewish organizations. Who are the North American Jews of today and what are they looking for?  The Vast and the Varied: American[Read More…]

Young adults gather ’round for Shabbat through OneTable

By Laura Paull On a drizzly Friday night in early spring, 11 young adults, most of them strangers, knocked one by one at the door of a Victorian building in San Francisco’s Mission District. Within the hour, they were dining around a candlelit table, laughing, clinking glasses and engaging in spirited conversation. It was just another Shabbat dinner co-hosted by Analucía Lopezrevoredo, 31, Bay Area hub manager of the startup dinner platform OneTable. Some knew Lopezrevoredo previously, and a few were acquainted with one or two other guests. All of them made new friends at the casual dinner, designed to make the Jewish Friday night ritual amenable and accessible to millennials. That’s the whole point of OneTable, which enables people[Read More…]

Making the Case for Hebrew

By Lee Buckman I’m a lover of Hebrew. I like languages in general, but especially Hebrew. Throughout my life, Hebrew was and is one of the primary ways that I identify as a Zionist. In fact, since my four sons were born (our oldest was born in 1989), I have spoken only Hebrew to them. My Hebrew still has an American accent. I make mistakes in grammar and syntax. I’m not proficient in street Hebrew and often use antiquated words that make Israelis cringe or laugh. Nevertheless, our sons have learned Hebrew (thanks also to their day school education). My Eliezer ben Yehudah craziness about Hebrew wasn’t always received well by my kids. At times they responded in English, but[Read More…]

Comings, Goings, and Transitions at Rosov Consulting

Keeping you up-to-date on Rosov Consulting staff Congratulations on recent promotions! Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Ed.D., Senior Project Leader  After several years at Rosov Consulting as a Senior Project Associate, Frayda has been promoted to Senior Project Leader. Frayda has served as a lead researcher on evaluation of programs spanning the Jewish educational sector — from camps, to day schools, to leadership development, to blended learning, and more. She consults with a variety of organizations on evaluation planning and capacity building as well as facilitates the development of logic models and theories of change. Her expertise in project management has been of value to our clients as well as our junior staff. Liat Sayfan, Ph.D., Senior Data Analyst After two and a half years at Rosov Consulting as a Senior Project Associate, Liat has been promoted to Senior Data Analyst. Liat has a diverse and rich background designing and conducting research studies with varied quantitative and[Read More…]

Sweating Hebrew: For What?

By Alex Pomson In 2004, when our family made aliya from Toronto, I was interviewed by a radio journalist at the CBC, The Canadian Broadcasting Company. She wanted to know why we were giving up the comforts and quiet of Canada for a new life in a less stable part of the world. I answered, “So that our children [then 8 to 13] might write poetry in Hebrew.” What I meant, if expressed a little facetiously, was that we wanted to live life in a fully immersive Jewish culture, to which in time we hoped we would be contributors and not only consumers. Contemplating our 13th Yom Ha’atzmaut in Israel, our bar mitzvah year, one of our children actually has[Read More…]

Introducing a New Service Area: Systems Coaching

As Rosov Consulting marks its ten-year anniversary as a professional services firm, we are excited to begin offering a new service to clients: Systems Coaching. This service focuses on coaching leaders and leadership teams for organizational health — an area that often is both a great challenge and need for many organizations. Rosov Consulting’s tagline is “Information. Insight. Impact.” And, yet, even the best information will only lead to impact if an organization is set up to deliver that impact. In 2008, MIT’s global study Making Change Work found that the most significant challenge facing organizational change efforts were “people” challenges (e.g. changing mindsets 58%; organizational culture 49%). And in 2012, Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmundson noted in her[Read More…]