Rosov Consulting helps foundations, philanthropists, federations, and grantee organizations in the Jewish communal sector make well-informed decisions that enhance their impact. We are privileged to work with valued client-partners in North America, Israel, Europe, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Latin America, and beyond.

Program Evaluation

Do you want to know if you are achieving your goals and if not why not?

We work with you to design evaluation projects to assess the quality, effectiveness, and importance of your work and to inform future planning. We assess the efficacy of your programs and services—both new and legacy ones—using surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other proven methods in a timely manner. Through “meaning making” sessions, we share our learnings with you and your audiences so you can act on the findings.

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Community Studies

Are your community’s Jewish organizations meeting the needs of everyone who is, or could be, a part of your community?

Jewish communities are undergoing rapid changes. Demographics are shifting. People are looking for new and exciting ways to make a meaningful connection to Jewish community. It may be time for you to adapt, adjust, and innovate to meet your community’s changing needs. We gather data and provide analysis so you know what assets and offerings your community has, whether they are being leveraged effectively for maximum impact, and how your audiences and potential audiences want to and are experiencing your community’s Jewish life. We partner with you to understand how this information can be leveraged to advance your goals.

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Informing Planning & Strategy

Do you need a fresh perspective on your mission, vision, and goals?

Having a good strategy comes from having clear goals and good information. Rosov Consulting delivers the essential knowledge and data that informs your strategic plan or your strategic planning process. We start by helping you gain clarity about your organization’s current strategy and unique mission, challenges, and target populations. This newfound clarity shapes how you might implement a new, revised, or improved organizational direction. We then arrive with you at the moment where thoughtful strategic decisions are made.

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Philanthropic Initiatives

Do you need help turning your dreams into reality?

Bringing a nascent idea to fruition takes careful planning. Through numerous methods, we gather information to deepen your understanding about the area in which you are considering investing. Along with this information, we share with you our vast knowledge about both long-standing and newer ways that people experience Jewish life. We track trends and learnings about the rapid changes in Jewish engagement, education, and community that can inform your thinking.

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