Do you need a new perspective on your mission, vision, and goals?

How are you approaching a challenge in front of you?

As the world around you shifts, do you need to reconsider your strategy?

Having a good strategy comes from having clear goals and good information. Rosov Consulting delivers the essential knowledge and data that informs your strategic plan or your strategic planning process. We start by helping you gain clarity about your organization’s current strategy and unique mission, challenges, and target populations. This newfound clarity shapes how you might implement a new, revised, or improved organizational direction. We then arrive with you at the moment where thoughtful strategic decisions are made.

Market Research for Education and Engagement

Uncovers important information about audiences’ needs, interests, and demand for your current and prospective offerings, whether in Jewish education, engagement, or social services. As part of this research, we can identify emerging trends in your field to help you assess your competitive advantage or disadvantage. These efforts enable you to make budgetary decisions with your current and potential audiences in mind.

Community Inventory and Mapping

Shows which assets exist and are utilized in a community, and how they could be leveraged to better deliver offerings that target audiences want. By mapping service offerings in a community, we can see if potential organizational partners exist.

Applied Research

Explores a specific sector, population, or question that directly informs Jewish educational practice and philanthropy. Our applied research projects are designed to generate usable and useful knowledge and information for you.

Key Performance Indicator Development and Tracking

Helps you identify and track key metrics about your organization’s reach, engagement, and success. This enables you to see progression towards your desired outcomes.

You are working hard, but are you working smart?

We will help you to step back and reflect, bringing our critical expertise to bear so you can make sense of your options moving forward.

More Services

Rosov Consulting is a professional services firm that supports Jewish foundations, Federations and Jewish nonprofits in North America, Israel, and abroad around evaluation, applied research, impact assessment, and the design and implementation of data collection efforts to inform strategy development and planning.