How do you know if your work is achieving your goals? What impact are you having on people?

Are programs that you offer or support providing the user experience you think they are?

By participating in your program, did people gain new knowledge, skills, and perspectives?

Did participants experience something meaningful from the program you offer or support?

We work with you to design evaluation projects to assess the quality, effectiveness, and importance of your work and to inform future planning. We assess the efficacy of programs and services—both new and legacy ones—using surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other proven methods in a timely manner. Through “meaning making” sessions, we share our learnings with you and your audiences so you can act on the findings.

Evaluating Program Design and Delivery

Assesses the efficacy of program design and delivery and participant satisfaction. We offer real-time recommendations for program improvement to help you succeed in the hyper-competitive marketplace of Jewish engagement.

Evaluating Program Outcomes and Impact

Measures and documents changes in knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors of participants in programs you offer or support. We help clarify the outcomes that participants experience as a result of your program.

Evaluation Planning

Determines which of your many programs should be evaluated, on what timeframe and with what frequency the evaluations should occur, and what resources (human and financial) are necessary to carry out the plan.

Evaluation Capacity Building

Helps to build your organization’s ability (through teaching and coaching of key personnel) to successfully manage or conduct evaluations of the impact and effectiveness of your programs.

Are your efforts driving toward your desired results?

We design an approach to bring you actionable data so you learn what you need to know.

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Rosov Consulting is a professional services firm that supports Jewish foundations, Federations and Jewish nonprofits in North America, Israel, and abroad around evaluation, applied research, impact assessment, and the design and implementation of data collection efforts to inform strategy development and planning.