Do you have an idea that you want to turn into reality?

How are you going to implement a plan to make that happen?

Are you unsure of where or how to utilize funds?

Do you know what your audiences and potential audiences truly want?

Bringing a nascent idea to fruition takes careful planning. Through numerous methods, we gather information to deepen your understanding about the area in which you are considering investing. Along with this information, we share with you our vast knowledge about both long-standing and newer ways that people experience Jewish life. We track trends and learnings about the rapid changes in Jewish engagement, education, and community that can inform your thinking.

Theory of Change and Logic Model Development

Articulates your mission, in visually compelling depictions, and the relationships between intended outcomes, strategies to achieve those outcomes, and resources used to implement those strategies.

Analyzing the Marketplace

Compares organizations’ capacities to deliver offerings with what target audiences consume. Sometimes this “supply and demand” aligns well; other times major gaps are revealed. Our systematic inventory of local or national Jewish offerings and the consumption of them helps you make data-informed decisions and investments.

Market Research for Education and Engagement

Uncovers important information about audiences’ needs, interests, and demand for your current and prospective offerings, whether in Jewish education, engagement, or social services. As part of this research, we can identify emerging trends in your field to help you assess your competitive advantage or disadvantage. These efforts enable you to make budgetary decisions with your current and potential audiences in mind.

Grant Lifecycle Support

Reviews the implementation of a grant throughout the different stages of its support. We provide specific recommendations for enhancing its impact.

You are ready to do something bold and new.

We are ready to help you clarify what you are trying to accomplish and plan for success.

More Services

Rosov Consulting is a professional services firm that supports Jewish foundations, Federations and Jewish nonprofits in North America, Israel, and abroad around evaluation, applied research, impact assessment, and the design and implementation of data collection efforts to inform strategy development and planning.