Our Guiding Principles are informed by the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles for Evaluators, but they speak specifically to the structure, content, and range of professional activities at Rosov Consulting. In 2023, we reviewed these Guiding Principles and reflected on our internal values, objectives, and perspectives as they inform our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We view these Guiding Principles as an extension of the Rosov Consulting Values, as well as a guide for implementing them in practice. We acknowledge that we are never done growing and striving to enact all facets of these principles.

Rosov Consulting Values



  • We consider our clients to be our partners
  • We honor and work at relationships
  • We are serious about our agreements
  • We learn from our team members, clients, and research participants



  • We are reliable
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are open and self-reflective
  • We address challenging topics and situations head-on
  • We hold ourselves to high standards

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

  • We are flexible and creative thinkers
  • We see challenges as opportunities
  • We trust that open and respectful disagreement about a challenge will yield a better solution in the end
  • We are aware of power imbalances and work to mitigate vulnerabilities that may result

Rosov Consulting Guiding Principles

At Rosov Consulting, we partner closely with our clients to offer meaningful and actionable results.

We value teamwork and problem solving. Therefore we:

  • Listen carefully to clients’ needs and goals to ensure that project deliverables are meaningful and actionable
  • Communicate promptly and directly with our clients and each other.
  • Establish clear expectations for timelines, scopes of work, and project deliverables.
  • Collaborate with our clients, research participants, and other relevant stakeholders to design and implement projects, as well as make meaning of our findings.

At Rosov Consulting, we staff project teams with professionals who possess the training, skills, and experience to provide exceptional client service and in all of our practice areas.

We value problem solving and integrity. Therefore we:

  • Intentionally staff project teams with team members who have relevant and complementary skills and experience for the job.
  • Supplement project teams with outside experts where necessary.
  • Support staff to participate in professional development opportunities that build their professional skills and expertise.
  • Are self-reflective and dedicated to continuous internal learning and improvement.
  • Are comprehensive in attending to each project’s needs while making careful and efficient use of client resources.
  • Are conscious of, and attentive to, how our beliefs and lived experiences influence our work.
  • Are open and self-reflective about the power we have as researchers and consultants.

Rosov Consulting staff are dedicated to transparency in all project-related matters, including data gathering, analysis, and reporting.

We value integrity. Therefore we:

  • Readily and openly communicate with clients about the strengths and limitations of our methodological approaches, as well as the perspectives and voices that are, and are not, included in research designs and findings.
  • Make explicit the assumptions and decisions that lead to our findings and conclusions.
  • Relay accurate and honest results to our clients, without overstating indicators of programmatic success.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with governmental regulations on data security, confidentiality and informed consent for research participants.
  • Suggest methods for reporting back to research participants’ findings that are derived from what they share.
  • Consider the diverse needs of our audiences when designing our products (e.g., surveys, deliverables) to ensure they are accessible to those who have commissioned the work and the audiences they seek to engage.

Rosov Consulting staff treat each other, clients, and research participants with dignity, sensitivity, and respect for different cultures, backgrounds, and values.

We value integrity and teamwork. Therefore we:

  • Are conscious of, and attentive to, the different cultural and religious backgrounds of our staff, clients, and research participants.
  • Recognize that different audiences have varied values, identities and narratives, all of which deserve to be treated with respect and addressed in culturally and socially sensitive ways.
  • Strive to honor and treat fairly the range of perspectives, priorities and values exhibited by our staff and clients.
  • Collaborate with clients and research participants to ensure barriers to participation in research are considered and mitigated.
  • Seek client and research participants’ input in identifying potential harm to research participants, including considering how our findings may cause harm and/or perpetuate harmful narratives.

Rosov Consulting has been a true partner to the foundation. When we launched, we knew our Jewish giving goal & geographic area of focus, but we didn’t know the “how” and the “who”. Rosov concepted an incredible plan that helped us hone in on evidence-based strategies & target audiences for maximum impact, with a way to hold ourselves accountable over time. They approached the work in a way that was clear, simple, effective and reliable – not just for my foundation but for the community at large. The result is a strong strategic framework that is already making an impact on our local Jewish community.

Elana Rodan SchuldtPresident & CEO, Rodan Family Foundation

Our work with Rosov Consulting over the last ten years has truly embodied and expressed their guiding principles and values. Their teams have been a pleasure to work with and have exemplified values of transparency, integrity, professionalism, involvement, and empathy. Because of these values, we truly do see Rosov as a partner to our work and as an invaluable resource in helping us learn about and improve our impact, our program design, and our reach.

Ilan WagnerPresident & CEO, Onward Israel