COVID-19 has generated some tough questions for our Jewish philanthropic leaders—followed often by tough decisions.

How do we respond efficiently, yet also strategically?


What are our grantee-partners experiencing?


Which new offerings are well positioned for investment?


As you continue to navigate the evolving dynamics of the situation, Rosov Consulting’s areas of expertise can help you remain both nimble in the short term and thoughtful about the future. Our work has always been about partnership, and we all need partners right now.

New Services to Meet this Moment

Assessing Needs

Local and national funders want to make philanthropic decisions aligned with the needs of both their current and potential audiences, as everyone prepares for a new, still-undefined future. Whether in Jewish education, engagement, or social services, our assessments uncover critical information about audiences’ needs, interests, and satisfaction levels with current and prospective community or field-wide offerings.

Analyzing the Marketplace

Philanthropic investments need to target consumer-driven and user-centric offerings now more than ever. Our “gap analyses” compare organizations’ capacities to deliver offerings with what target audiences consume. Sometimes this “supply and demand” aligns well; other times major gaps are revealed. Through our systematic inventory of local or national Jewish offerings and their target audiences—and of consumption of these offerings—funders are better positioned to make data-informed decisions and investments.

Evaluating Outcomes

The field has experienced significant organizational ingenuity and programmatic pivots over the last six months. With remote learning and virtual engagement exploding onto the scene, we are ready to leverage our expertise in outcomes evaluation to quickly assess the efficacy of these new offerings. We can address how the transition to these platforms has impacted the field and can explore the educational, social-emotional, and broader Jewish communal outcomes of programs that adapted to the virtual space.

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