COVID-19 has generated some tough questions for our Jewish communal leaders—followed often by tough decisions.

What information will help determine how to allocate precious resources now and plan for resiliency moving forward?


Which new offerings from us and our program-partners are well positioned for investment?


What do I need to know about those I want to engage in these times of change and uncertainty?


As you continue to navigate the evolving dynamics of the situation, we can help you remain both nimble in the short term and thoughtful about the future. Our work is right-paced and right-sized for your needs now. We always work in partnership with our clients, and we all need partners right now.

New Services to Meet this Moment

Mapping Communal Assets

Your investments (dollars and programs) need to target consumer-driven and user-centric offerings now more than ever. Our community resource mapping and gap analyses show organizations’ capacities to deliver offerings in places and spaces that are consistent with shifting demographics and consumer preferences. Through our systematic inventory of your local Jewish assets and their utilization, you will be better positioned to make data-informed decisions about your own programs and investment in partner programs.

Understanding Interests & Needs

You want to make critical philanthropic and budgetary decisions aligned with the community’s needs now, with an eye toward a new, still-undefined future. Do you know what people truly want? Do you know what they truly need? Whether in Jewish education, engagement, or social services, our work uncovers critical information about audiences’ needs, interests, and demand for your current and prospective offerings.

Assessing Design & Delivery

You want to know how well designed local programs are—and how satisfied your audiences are with them. Are these programs providing the user experience you think they are? Not only can we assess the efficacy of your program design and delivery for short-term impact, we can help you understand whether what you or your program-partners have designed for this moment might have enduring value.

Evaluating Outcomes & Impact

With virtual engagement exploding onto the scene, we are ready to leverage our expertise in outcomes evaluation to quickly assess the efficacy of your programs and services—both new and old. By participating in a program, did people gain new knowledge, skills, and perspectives? Did they experience something meaningful? We can explore how the transition to remote services and platforms has impacted the people you serve, and explore the educational, social–emotional, and broader Jewish communal outcomes of programs now in the virtual space.

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