Sit Next to Me: An Invitation for Second-Stage Mentoring

June 10, 2019 | News

Dr. Erica Brown, associate professor in curriculum and pedagogy at the George Washington School of Education and Human Development, and the director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership, writes in HaYidion about the importance of mentoring opportunities for Jewish educators who are midcareer. Dr. Brown writes:

New research produced by CASJE and Rosov Consulting identifies mentoring as one of the most prized contributions to teacher development: “Networks, cohort-based professional development, collaboration with colleagues, mentoring, and effective supervision were named as the experiences and opportunities that had been most valuable for participants’ professional growth” (“On the Journey: Concepts that Support a Study of the Professional Trajectories of Jewish Educators”). Mentoring opportunities are most nurturing and valuable midcareer when teachers know themselves and their classrooms well. It is precisely at this stage that mentoring and support will help re-energize educators and help them reach the next level of professionalism. Attention, attention must be paid.

Read the full article: “Sit Next to Me: An Invitation for Second-Stage Mentoring,” HaYidion, Dr. Erica Brown, Summer 2019

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