Hebrew Immersion Goes to Day Camp

Areivim Philanthropic Group | 2012–2018

Develop and design a new initiative that would engage new audiences in Hebrew language education; evaluate the implementation and outcomes of immersive Hebrew experiences at day camps [Read More...]

Maximizing a Golden Opportunity

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati | 2011

The Board of Trustees of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati engaged Rosov Consulting to develop its vision, strategy, and goals as its assets increased and it looked for more opportunities to leverage impact and create meaningful community relationships. [Read More...]

A Major Merger Necessitates Systems Coaching

Prizmah | 2016–2017

Five separate organizations—each serving as the umbrella entity for its own network of Jewish Day Schools—merged into one new organization, Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools. As this occurred, the leadership of the new organization engaged Rosov Consulting to take them through a year-long systems coaching process that would ideally result in a new coherent culture in addition to the structures and systems to support that culture. [Read More...]

Guest Once, Guest Again: The Rapid Growth of OneTable

OneTable | 2014-2017

To evaluate the effectiveness of a new organization that provides tools for hosts and guests to make Shabbat dinner part of their lives by lowering barriers to participation, making Shabbat dinner more appealing and achievable for young Jewish adults, and encouraging them to embrace the joy that Shabbat can bring. [Read More...]