What We Read in March 2019

March 27, 2019 | News

Nearly every day, Rosov Consulting team members share articles and blogs of interest on one of our many Slack channels, #RosovReads. We find some of these articles to be so insightful, informative, or even surprising that we want to share them more broadly to help our colleagues and partners. Enjoy some of March’s #RosovReads.

Working In An Office Could Make You Miserable, Especially If You Have A Remote Personality
Forbes examines data that shows the differences between people who have the personality to work remotely—and are happy doing so—and others with “remote personalities” who are “miserable” doing so.

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs
The Atlantic shares how a writing tool is now the new default way that teens pass notes in class.

Go and Learn: Talmudic Guidance for Site Visits and Philanthropic Partnerships
Doron Kenter of the Maimonides Fund shares insights in eJewishPhilanthropy on how the Talmud can inform how people approach site visits and partnerships in philanthropy.

Scientists rise up against statistical significance
Nature, the international journal of science, features an opinion piece with 800 signatories calling for a re-examination about how statistical findings are analyzed and communicated.

Day School Educators Balancing Boom And Bust
Gary Rosenblatt of The New York Jewish Week recaps some of the learning, innovation, and collaboration that went on at Prizmah’s 2019 conference.