What We Read in June 2023

July 6, 2023 | News

Nearly every day, Rosov Consulting team members share articles and blogs of interest on one of our many Slack channels, #RosovReads. We find some of these articles to be so insightful, informative, or even surprising that we want to share them more broadly to help our colleagues and partners. Enjoy some of Junes’s #RosovReads.

Online Religious Services Appeal to Many Americans, but Going in Person Remains More Popular
About a quarter of U.S. adults regularly watch religious services online or on TV, and most of them are highly satisfied with the experience. About two-in-ten Americans (21%) use apps or websites to help with reading scripture.

Why Grant Makers Should Reject Shiny New Things
Social change takes a lot of time. Too often, foundation officials get bored and forget.

Navigating the crisis: Addressing the shortage of educators in Jewish early childhood programs
The challenge isn’t simply a lack of available teachers for Jewish early childhood programs; rather, it’s a shortage of individuals who are motivated to pursue a career in this field as educators.

The Jewish Community of Jamaica | My Jewish Learning
The Jews of Jamaica make up a small but vibrant religious community centered today in the capital of Kingston.