What we read in February 2019

February 28, 2019 | News

Nearly every day, Rosov Consulting team members share articles and blogs of interest on one of our many Slack channels, #RosovReads. We find some of these articles to be so insightful, informative, or even surprising that we want to share them more broadly to help our colleagues and partners. Enjoy some of February’s #RosovReads.


A Do Diligent Dozen List

Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson of The Wexner Foundation shares in eJewishPhilanthropy her “Do Diligent Dozen”—a list of things that all Jewish professionals should strive to get right to improve their work habits and outcomes.


Meet Amanda Cox, Who Brings Life to Data on Our Pages

The New York Times features its new data editor and shares her approach for leveraging data for journalism and presenting it with reader-friendly tools like charts, graphs and interactives.


Getting Beyond the Survey

Susan Kardos of The AVI CHAI Foundation shares key questions to have in mind in order to design both an informative and useable survey about a program, initiative, or other intervention.