#throwbackthursday: The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Strategic Planning Process 2010-11 Report

April 26, 2018 | News

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebration, we are participating in the popular social media trend “Throwback Thursday” by sharing a report from some of Rosov’s earliest work on our website and social media. In Rosov Consulting’s early days, sharing findings with the greater field was not a priority, so we are using this as a chance to “resurface” important research and analysis that we conducted that might not have received the audience it warranted.

This month for #throwbackthursday, we are sharing the report on the strategic plan we developed seven years ago for the The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati. We were privileged to work with The Jewish Foundation at a time of significant growth for them and their philanthropic efforts in the community. The report and plan reflect this, indicative of a Foundation with more assets, more opportunities to leverage its impact, and more opportunities to create meaningful community relationships than ever before. The Board of Trustees engaged Rosov Consulting to provide perspective, information, and guidance and to facilitate the process of planning for its new community role. The report, which details this process and its outcomes, offers insights about the considerations and decision-making an entity undertakes as it transitions to have a larger footprint in its community. One of the most significant outcomes of this process was the hiring of the Foundation’s first-ever Executive Director, Brian Jaffee, who continues to lead the Foundation and help it create deep impact in the community today.

View the Report: