#throwbackthursday: Serving a Complex Israel: A report on Israel-based Immersive Jewish Service-learning

May 31, 2018 | News

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebration, we are participating in the popular social media trend “Throwback Thursday” by sharing a report from some of Rosov’s earliest work on our website and social media. In Rosov Consulting’s early days, sharing findings with the greater field was not a priority, so we are using this as a chance to “resurface” important research and analysis that we conducted that might not have received the audience it warranted.

This month for #throwbackthursday, we are sharing the study, “Serving a Complex Israel: A report on Israel-based Immersive Jewish Service-learning,” which was commissioned by Repair the World and The Jewish Agency for Israel to learn more about the appeal of and outcomes associated with participation in Israel-based immersive Jewish service-learning (IJSL) programs.

The study, which explored alumni from 12 different IJSL programs, looked at who participates in Israel-based IJSL programs; why they choose to participate and why they choose to participate in Israel; what happens for participants as a result of the programs; and what the implications are of these learnings for funders and providers of Israel-based IJSL programs. We were privileged to conduct the study, which was supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation and The Morningstar Foundation. It is enlightening to see what was discovered at the time and to understand how much the field has advanced since then, with programs such as the Jewish Agency’s Project Ten, Masa Israel’s service-learning programs, and JNF and Alexander Muss High School in Israel’s Roots Israel (part of the New York Teen Initiative).

View the Report: