#throwbackthursday: LOMED Powerful Learning Study

March 22, 2018 | News

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebration, we are participating in the popular social media trend “Throwback Thursday” by sharing a report from some of Rosov’s earliest work on our website and social media. In Rosov Consulting’s early days, sharing findings with the greater field was not a priority, so we are using this as a chance to “resurface” important research and analysis that we conducted that might not have received the audience it warranted.

This month for #throwbackthursday, we are sharing the LOMED Powerful Learning Study report from 2012. LOMED (Learner Outcomes and Measurement for Effective Education Design) was a program offered through the Coalition of Innovative Congregations (CIC), an initiative of The Jewish Education Project. The study explored how new educational models at the time were implemented in congregational settings and how the effectiveness of those models could be assessed. The report examined both new and more traditional models and pedagogies of congregations in the New York metropolitan area. And, in addition to its analysis of the LOMED program, the report contains a great deal of research about “21st century learning” and is accompanied by a substantive bibliography of research in the field.

View the Report:
LOMED Powerful Learning Study