Soft Skills for Hard Data

August 3, 2020 | News

In 12 years of Rosov Consulting working with client-partners to conduct research and evaluation, we most often find ourselves in the role of expert when it comes to collecting and interpreting data. However, over the years we have learned that the value of good data can be lost if the client is not prepared for the leadership challenge of engaging with the data with a range of critical stakeholders. So, we have schooled ourselves in the art of facilitation for meaning-making meetings and strategy sessions. We have also added leadership and systems coaching as an added service area for our clients.

We are pleased to share here wisdom we have gleaned that we believe is helpful for all organizational leaders to have as they embark on stakeholder engagement around data. These four common scenarios are presented with guidance and suggestions for how to respond. Do let us know if you find these useful or are looking for more support in any of these areas.

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