JPRO Master Class: Introduction to Program Evaluation with Rosov Consulting

April 12, 2021 | News

Rosov Consulting will be conducting a master class on program evaluation as part of JPRO’s Master Class series. Nonprofit professionals are often asked, “what is the impact of your program/organization?” Answering that question often involves more than satisfaction surveys and anecdotes. Truly understanding a program’s impact usually involves some sort of program evaluation. While tapping external resources (like a consultant) can be helpful, it is not always the most desirable, or even the best option.  Understanding the basics of program evaluation will help you martial your in-house resources to better articulate your program/organizational goals, design the appropriate evaluation activities to answer the questions you (or your funders) have about your work, or commission a third-party evaluation that meets your learning goals.

In these three JPRO Master Class sessions, participants will learn the basic ins and outs of program evaluation and get some hands-on practice in planning and designing evaluation activities as well as what to do with all that data.

This class will be taught by Dr. Frayda Gonshor Cohen and Dr. Zohar Rotem, Rosov Consulting Senior Project Leaders.

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May 13, 20, and 27

11:30-1 pm Pacific
12:30-2 pm Mountain
1:30-3 pm Central
2:30-4 pm Eastern