How to Prepare for an Evaluation: The Four Questions

February 10, 2022 | News

A successful evaluation effort depends on strong grantseeker-grantmaker alignment. When both parties see value in the data being collected and can learn from it, the likelihood increases that an evaluation’s findings will be actionable.


Preview of Toolkit pages

In partnership with GrantED, we’re excited to release our new toolkit for grantmakers and grantseekers: “How to Prepare for an Evaluation: The Four Questions.”

By answering four questions, grantmakers and grantseekers can help increase transparency and alignment to get the most out of any evaluation effort.



Download the Toolkit


Additional Resources

This toolkit was featured in GrantED’s webinar on “How to Best Prepare for an Evaluation as a Grantmaker or Grantseeker.” Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more from Wendy about The Four Questions and observe an insightful conversation with our client-partners at The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and ish.

We also created a Miro board template with The Four Questions worksheets that you can duplicate into your own workspace and complete online.

Open Miro Board

We hope you enjoy this new resource. Let us know if you’ve used it and how it’s helped!

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