Deepening Understanding of East Bay Jewish Life

November 15, 2019 | News

The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund and the Rodan Family Foundation hosted an event for Jewish communal leaders in the East Bay to share insights from a new report commissioned by the Foundation and conducted by Rosov Consulting, Deepening Our Understanding of East Bay Jewish Life.

Along with Danny Grossman of the Federation and Amnon Rodan of the Foundation, Wendy Rosov discussed key findings in the report and how those findings can inform future planning to strengthen Jewish engagement and life in the East Bay. As the report articulates:

The Rodan Family Foundation is pleased to share the results of these efforts with hopes to spark important conversations around, and ultimately communal action toward, meaningfully enhancing East Bay Jewish life. In addition, the Foundation hopes that this work will serve as a model for other communities to understand, measure, and enhance Jewish communal engagement.

The report is a culmination of a process over the past eight months that included (among other activities) secondary analysis of data from the “Portrait of Bay Area Jewish Life and Communities” and an inventory of Jewish program provision in the East Bay. Read more about our work on this project in the report, Deepening Our Understanding of East Bay Jewish Life.



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