Comings, Goings, and Transitions at Rosov Consulting

May 5, 2017 | News

Keeping you up-to-date on Rosov Consulting staff

Congratulations on recent promotions!

Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Ed.D., Senior Project Leader 
After several years at Rosov Consulting as a Senior Project Associate, Frayda has been promoted to Senior Project Leader. Frayda has served as a lead researcher on evaluation of programs spanning the Jewish educational sector — from camps, to day schools, to leadership development, to blended learning, and more. She consults with a variety of organizations on evaluation planning and capacity building as well as facilitates the development of logic models and theories of change. Her expertise in project management has been of value to our clients as well as our junior staff.

Liat Sayfan, Ph.D., Senior Data Analyst
After two and a half years at Rosov Consulting as a Senior Project Associate, Liat has been promoted to Senior Data Analyst. Liat has a diverse and rich background designing and conducting research studies with varied quantitative and qualitative methodologies and statistical tools. She brings quantitative expertise to numerous projects at Rosov Consulting, often innovating creative strategies to quantify complex concepts — including projects with Hillel International, Masa Israel Journey, The AVI CHAI Foundation, OneTable, and the Cross-Community Evaluation of the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Initiative of the Funder Collaborative. Her outstanding mentoring skills are an asset to our team.

Nettie Aharon, M.P.H., Senior Project Associate
After two years at Rosov Consulting Israel as a Project Associate, Nettie has been promoted to Senior Project Associate. Nettie has distinguished herself as a professional who is serving as primary data analyst, report writer, and client liaison on a number of key projects. Recently, she was selected to join the “Portraits of Jewish Learning” project at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University, for which she is doing secondary analysis of Onward Israel qualitative data, building on her previous work evaluating the program. At Rosov Consulting, she also has been involved in projects with Masa Israel Journey, Combined Jewish Philanthropy’s IACT, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and Honeymoon Israel.

Eitan Cooper, M.A., Senior Project Associate
After three years at Rosov Consulting as a Project Associate, Eitan has been promoted to Senior Project Associate. Having recently earned a Master’s Degree in Survey Design combined with extensive experience as a skilled practitioner, Eitan has capitalized on his special expertise in the study of Jewish camping. His work on projects including Kayitz Kef, Hiddur, and CASJE has contributed to a game-changing framework for assessing camp outcomes. Eitan also has played increasingly visible roles with our clients and made important contributions to evaluations for the Wexner Mentoring program, Onward Israel, and the New York Teen Initiative.

Javier Labra, Controller
After one and a half years at Rosov Consulting as Finance and Operations Manager, Javier has  been promoted to Controller. Javier establishes and maintains financial workflows, while monitoring and guiding the financial health of the company. He recently has implemented new systems and processes to improve Rosov Consulting’s finance and accounting deliverables.

Welcome to the team!

Ariel Platt, Project Associate, Berkeley
Ariel joined Rosov Consulting as a Project Associate in January 2017. Ariel works to evaluate the impacts of Honeymoon Israel and the UC Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies. He also conducts interviews for the recently launched Wexner Field Fellowship. Before joining Rosov, he worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan where he coordinated trial preparations for cases in Federal Court. He has worked in a variety of Jewish communal settings including at Kevah, where he coordinated grant writing and helped create a national teaching fellowship for Jewish Educators. Ariel has also worked as a bread baker at Metropolis Baking Company.

Adam Upchurch, Finance Assistant
Adam joined Rosov Consulting as Finance Assistant in January 2017. Adam provides support for the Finance department and the Financial Controller. Previously, Adam worked as a supply chain manager for an electronics manufacturer in Austin, Texas. In this position, he coordinated with international materials suppliers to ensure continuous and efficient production. He also acted as business manager for a portrait photography studio. During his time there, he developed the initial business plan, implemented an accounting system, and managed advertising/social media outreach.

Shai Weener, Project Assistant, Berkeley (starting in August 2017)
Shai is joining Rosov Consulting as a Project Assistant in August 2017. He is graduating from the University of Maryland with a BS in Mathematical Statistics and a BA in Jewish Studies. While pursuing his degree, he was involved in a multi-year study of Morality in America focused on testing causes of political polarization. He worked on a team to design the research methodology, develop instrumentation, and analyze survey results. Shai is also a veteran of Camp Yavneh, for whom he will be leading his final Israel trip this summer.


Best of luck in new jobs outside of Rosov Consulting, Eleanor Levine and Melissa Neelakantan.