Our Work

Rosov Consulting is a professional services firm helping foundations, philanthropists and nonprofits in the Jewish communal sector make well informed decisions that enhance their impact.

Our work with clients is marked by three central values:



We are reliable and hold ourselves to high standards

Problem SOlving



We see challenges as opportunities to think creatively and flexibly



We consider our clients to be our partners and we honor and work at our relationships

Research and Evaluation:

Research and Evaluation:

Do you want to know if you are achieving your goals and if not why not?

Research and evaluation is at the heart of our work.  We believe that the right information at the right time from the right sources is key to the success of any effort.  Our expert staff work closely with you to design research and/or evaluation projects that allow you to assess the quality, effectiveness and importance of your work and to inform future planning.  The methods we employ are driven by the question you are asking.



Do you need a fresh perspective on your mission, vision and goals?

Good strategy is driven by clear goals and rooted in good information.  In our strategy work, we facilitate planning meetings; stage presentations on major trends; consult on infrastructure, governance, best practices, and philanthropic models; and guide you through a decision making process.  We provide you with the customized strategy you need to engage and align your stakeholders around your new strategic direction.

New Philanthropic Initiatives:

New Philanthropic Initiatives:

Do you need help turning your dreams into reality?

We support you in actualizing dreams by providing the information, critical analysis, and strategic guidance necessary to launch a successful venture.  Toward this end, we involve key stakeholders, identify comparable models, map the landscape and do whatever it takes to get you the information you need.  We also have the expertise on our staff to manage and operate these new ventures for you or to provide training and coaching as they get off the ground.

Grantmaking Support:

Grantmaking Support:

Do you need additional capacity or expertise to define, refine, or grow your grantmaking portfolio?

With experienced grantmakers on staff, we can take care of any or all of your philanthropic needs.  We can take on any task along the grantmaking continuum, including articulation of grant guidelines, grant proposal review and due diligence, as well as grant monitoring and evaluation.

Rosov Consulting also supports funders and grantees in establishing common language and shared goals to build a collaborative relationship and enhance impact.  We offer workshops to educate all participants in the grants process including:

  • Introduction to Logic Models and Program Design
  • Introduction to Program Evaluation
  • Elements of a Successful Grant Proposal
  • Additional workshops customized to unique client needs

We also offer systems coaching to build participants’ capacity to navigate complicated terrain on topics including:

  • Clarifying roles and areas of intersecting responsibility
  • Learning to work through conflict with respect and candor
  • Aligning around goals and implementation strategies

We have been engaged as trusted advisor by a growing number of organizations in the Jewish communal sector.