Your organization’s effectiveness often depends on work relationships that are healthy and productive. Our systems coach works closely with your team to position them — and the entire organization — for success.


Your Questions

Do you need to improve the way your team functions and communicates with each other? Are you restructuring your organization and need to manage change? Do you want to develop a higher performing leadership team?

Our Approach

Developing healthy and productive work relationships is critical to your organization’s success. With a certified relationship systems coach on our team, we can help you and your team clarify roles, navigate transitions, and improve communication. There is no such thing as a “routine” assignment. While there are many reputable leadership coaches and no shortage of strategic consultants, we are proud to offer on our team one of the few systems coaches operating specifically in the Jewish nonprofit space.

Getting Answers

We will work with you to make sense of your organizational system rather than fix spot challenges. We’ll coach you and your organization to better work through conflict and establish healthy work cultures. And we’ll help you develop a skill set for excellent leadership in any situation, so you can exceed your potential and bring your best self to your work and work relationships.

You can't create change out in the world if you can't function effectively within your organization.

Your mission is critical, so you want everyone rowing in the same direction and feeling good about it. Anything less will slow you down.

More Services

Rosov Consulting helps foundations, philanthropists and nonprofits in the Jewish communal sector make well informed decisions that enhance their impact. Our expertise includes research and evaluation, strategy development, launching new philanthropic initiatives, and systems coaching.