Good strategy is driven by clear goals and rooted in good information. We work closely with you to develop a customized strategy for your organization and its unique mission, challenges, and target populations served.

Your Questions

Do you need a new perspective on your mission, vision, and goals? How are you approaching a challenge in front of you? As the world around you shifts do you need to reconsider your strategy?

Our Approach

Working closely with you, we develop strategies specifically tailored to your organization, with both your goals and challenges in mind. We do this through planning meetings; assessment of trends in Jewish philanthropy, engagement, and education; and consultations on your organization’s internal infrastructure and relevant best practices. This approach helps us understand how your organization is viewed by others and understand the characteristics of the population that you want to serve.

Getting Answers

We arrive with you at the moment where thoughtful strategic decisions are made. Our experience is that the best solutions and strategies come through genuine partnerships. We offer our advice and suggestions, while knowing that you ultimately own the decisions.

Our work results in a customized strategy for you to engage your stakeholders or to unveil and implement a new, revised, or improved strategic direction.

You are working hard, but are you working smart?

We will help you to step back and reflect, bringing you critical expertise and helping you to make sense of it all.

More Services

Rosov Consulting helps foundations, philanthropists and nonprofits in the Jewish communal sector make well informed decisions that enhance their impact. Our expertise includes evaluation and applied research, strategy development, launching new philanthropic initiatives, and systems coaching.