We are ready to help you plan and bring a nascent idea to fruition. Through numerous methods, we gather the information you need to gain a deep understanding about the area in which you are considering investing.

Your Questions

Do you have an idea you want to turn into reality? How are you going to craft and implement a plan to make that happen? Are you unsure of where or how to utilize funds?

Our Approach

With deep knowledge about different dimensions and expressions of Jewish life, we bring value to you and your nascent idea. We track trends and learnings that can inform your thinking. And we have social capital to connect you to the right people and organizations to bring your idea to life.

Getting Answers

We can scan an entire landscape—offering both information and critical analysis—to help you understand a possible area in which to invest. Or, if you are building a new organization, we work with you to develop a theory of change that serves both as a guide to develop your venture and help to determine its success. Together, we’ll decide with whom you should communicate to begin building and promoting your idea.

You are ready to do something bold and new.

We are ready to help you clarify what you are trying to accomplish and plan accordingly.

More Services

Rosov Consulting helps foundations, philanthropists and nonprofits in the Jewish communal sector make well informed decisions that enhance their impact. Our expertise includes evaluation and applied research, strategy development, launching new philanthropic initiatives, and systems coaching.